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How do you grill? I have a charcoal grill that I keep illegally on the balcony, though it takes a long time to heat up and is somewhat inconvenient. It certainly does not seem like there are Canada-style propane grills here...


Your ribs look really good. I've tried that beer and liked it.


I don't mean to be picky, but all throughout your blood donation things you talk about them taking blood from an artery... if they did manage to get a needle into one of your arteries you would probably be in a LOT of trouble, I think you mean vein :)

Your food looks goooood.


I always wanted to give blood, but everytime I try, I end up failing the blood test they give you in the beginning to determine your iron count. Coincidentally, the blood mobile is at work today and they're asking people to donate blood. Unfortunately, I rode my bike in here, so I don't think I should if I want to be able to ride it back home.

Have you tried Hitachino Ale? We recently discovered that a few places in LA carry it, so we've been stocking up. The BF likes the red ale, but I'm a fan of the Classic and White ales. They have a cute little owl on the label.


Drew, I should have clarified but these were done in the oven (seems like most Chinese "BBQ" ribs are roasted in the oven). We have a little portable hibachi that we sometimes take to the park, but other than that there's no real grilling/bbq for us.

Thanks Kat!

Thanks Jen! I've been here so long that I get things mixed up. Will fix the post!

Louise, I've never even heard of Hitachino Ale, but I will keep my eyes peeled for it. Cute little owl? I'm sold!

And you need to get your iron levels up! I used to have iron deficiency anemia but iron pills cleared it up and now I eat enough iron-rich foods to keep it at bay (the pill helps too).

So eat your liver, take your supplements and the next time the blood mobile is in town do it!


I'm with you on how it feels to give blood, a very good thing to do. I had been giving blood for a very long time, with literally gallons to my credit, when suddenly I get a letter in the mail saying there is a problem and I should go see a doctor, quick. I did, and it turned out I was diabetic, so I was told that was the end of my donating, but then they changed the rules, and now I can again!!
Domo arigato gozaimasu for your website, I really love it...

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